18th August 2016

Mechanical Engineering


At Maxigiene we have been providing our clients with quality mechanical and plumbing services since 2000 and our
engineers hold City and Guilds or NVQ qualifcations in their respective fields. Maxigiene can provide the following
mechanical services:

  • Cold water storage cistern installation and upgrades.
  • Removal of disused water systems in whole or in part.
  • Upgrades to current water systems including addition of plant, equipment and sanitary ware.
  • Installation, repair and replacement of hot water cylinders and storage vessels, both vented and unvented.
  • Installation of instantaneous water heaters and point of use water heaters, both vented and unvented.
  • Installation of hot and cold water distribution systems.
  • Installation, service and upgrade of thermostatic mixing valves.
  • General plumbing services.

Pipework can be installed in various materials from copper to solvent welded PVC.